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Product Description:

What is a Pledge pool?

The Pledge pool involves multiple participants, who participate in the pledge together as a verifier. It can pool the user's tokens and thus have a greater chance of being selected as the verifier and receiving the pledge reward, which will be distributed to all participants in proportion to their holdings.

Token Max Staking addresses the problem of liquidity by Staking. Staking with a quick unstaking feature that allows users to unlock their pledged assets instantly. In a quick unstaking model, Token Max allows Staking to be taken back without waiting for an unstaking period. Realize instant receipt.

1. ETH2.0 Staking is a service that helps users simplify running nodes based on ETH2.0 system Staking. There is no mandatory 32ETH requirement, and liquidity release is also carried out for ETH locked in the warehouse.

2. Participate in Eth2.0 pledge, minimum participation amount is 0.05ETH digital asset USDT pledge.

3. The current minimum withdrawal limit is 0.05, and the maximum withdrawal limit per user is 3200ETH per day. After applying for withdrawal, the withdrawal will be processed in a centralized manner every 48 hours. Exit will charge a certain handling fee according to the time formula; Pledge reward received by end users = number of digital assets allowed to exit - exit fee - Transfer GAS fee

4. Token Max will charge users 10% of the pledge reward as the service fee, and users will receive the amount of pledge reward per day after deducting 10% of the service fee.

5. The pledge reward income shall be settled every hour; Pledge reward will be distributed two hours after participating in pledge.

6. Participate in Eth2.0 pledge. If a user is invited, he/she will get the node reward value of the invited user. At the same time get all invited users to pledge digital assets block income rewards.

7. Slash (node punishment) caused by improper operation of Token Max shall be borne by Token Max.

8. If you have any problems, please contact online customer service.

9.  Participation means agreeing to the 《Pledge 2.0 User Service Agreement. Eth Pledge 2.0 User Service Agreement》

Pledge 2.0 User Service Agreement. Eth Pledge 2.0 User Service Agreement

Eth Pledge 2.0 User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "This Agreement"), please read and understand this Agreement carefully before you continue to operate on this platform. If you continue to operate through the Platform or use the Services of the Platform in any way, you are deemed to have carefully read, understood and agreed to this Agreement.

All contents of Token Max are available in multiple languages for the convenience of users. In case of conflict or omission, the English content shall prevail.

Special note: Virtual currency has high risks. Token Max only provides simplified service of node pledge. Due to the instability of ETH, you are not encouraged or encouraged to purchase ETH currency for pledge.

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The more you contribute to the mining pool,the more reward for you
2023/02/03 - 2023/02/09
Short-term lock on USDT for higher rewards.
Staking rewards can be received immediately.
30,000 USDT